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- Traditional shark drawings from $20-$60 + shipping cost; email:

- 90% of the funds generated by shark drawings will be donated to Defenders of Wildlife to further their work to protect sharks

I've wanted to find a way to use my art to support sharks for some time now. I've absolutely loved sharks since I was 7 years old, and always wanted to grow up to be a marine biologist so I could save sharks! Unfortunately math and science aren't exactly my strong suits, but I feel more confident now more than ever to use my art as a way to help sharks like I've always wanted.


I will be creating traditional drawings, paintings, and other works of art centered around sharks to help educate the public about different kinds of sharks, and the importance of protecting sharks and the environment that they live in. I also hope to raise awareness to help put a stop to shark finning everywhere!​

I will be selling my shark drawings and other pieces of work as I finish them, I will advertise them on my Newgrounds, Twitter, and Instagram , and will sell to the first person to email me about wanting to purchase one of my pieces. Depending on how complicated the drawing is, the price will range from $20-$60 + shipping costs. Originally I wanted all the money I earn from my shark art toward the cause, but I've decided to donate 90% toward sharks and use the remaining 10% to help buy art supplies so I can keep making art for you and others!​


After researching various organizations, I've decided to donate my shark funds to  Defenders of Wildlife! Defenders has an "Adopt a Shark" program, where your adoption supports their work to pass laws outlawing shark finning. "Adopt a Shark" kit includes a shark plush and other neat gifts, but I will be specifying that I do not want any gifts, so that I maximize the impact of my donation!​


(However, if you would like to donate directly to Defenders of Wildlife and get your own "Adopt a Shark" kit with all the cool gifts that come along with it, then that's awesome and you should totally do it!)

Thank you so much for caring and for your support! Sharks mean so much to me and I'm so excited to help them as best I can with my art!


If you're interested in learning more about shark finning and the importance of saving sharks, please check out:

This Webpage!


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art that leaves a positive mark on the world is scarce these days, keep it up.

ItsMacklin responds:

Ahh:) thank you SO much! Makes me happy to see all this support :D I'm really excited to help sharks, been wanting to actually make some kind of impact for ages!