New Website

2016-10-19 18:31:48 by ItsMacklin


I finally finished my new website!!

I'm happy with the way it looks now and I'm feeling more motivated to put things on my website like I used to with my old one. On my new website I'll only be putting up finished drawings that I'm most proud of. I'll still be putting up sketches, WIPS of my drawings, little videos of me drawing on my Twitter and Instagram. My website has my new updated commission info on there, a page where I'll be posting about art projects I want to work on/am currently working on, I made a page listing what materials I use to draw with, a link to my future Etsy Shop, and a support page for me and my artwork!



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2016-10-20 08:58:46

I really like your work! Great style and motion in your characters.

ItsMacklin responds:

Ohh I just saw this message! Thank you so so much:) really that means a lot to me! I'm happy you enjoy my work:)