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2016-06-20 05:32:38 by ItsMacklin

Hey everyone! :)

For those of you who follow me on Twitter you've probably seen me making lil apologetic tweets about the lack of art coming from me so I wanna make a big post about what's going on! This past year I've gotten a whole heck of a lot of support from people and it's been the most amazing feeling! I've gotten much better at drawing and made some seriously awesome friends who keep helping me get better at what I love doing! That being said, it makes me sad that I haven't been drawing lately as much as I used to D: not only for myself but because I have so much encouragement and love from others that I wanna show 'em I'm still making art! I've had a rough time figuring out a balance of time with art now that I have a day job, but that's something I wanna fix ASAP. Aside from my new day job there's another huge change going on in my life but it's a GREAT one! Niall is moving in with me in a few days which I'm extremely excited about and I've been very busy trying to get everything over here ready for him to get settled in here. Once Niall does get settled here with me I'm going to put all these plans (that I'll be listing/explaining below) into action! Yayy! Having him here will be a huge motivated factor as well, he helps inspire me all the dang time and it'll be wonderful having him around more to help push me and keep me on this track of achieving all these goals I have! :)


1.) Remake My Website


 My website, , has always been a simple and temporary one until I can afford a domain name that I want, as well as the ability to make my own website the way that I want to make it look. The plan is to leave my current website up while the new one is being made so my commission info is still available, but I'm going to be working with Niall to make my new one. I'm not familiar with making websites on my own so it'll be a bit of a slow process but I'm excited to learn along side Niall as he helps me make it and teach me! So this is going to be a huge thing in the works happening very soon! It'll have the same kind of features as my current website: an about me section, portfolio of my art, commission info, links to other social media, and I'd love to add more features in the future too (I've thought about small webcomics before and think it'd be nice to have up on the new website). So the new website is going to be worked on very soon! I'm also very open to suggestions! I'm most active on my Twitter: so feel free to tell me any ideas you have there!


2.) Make An Etsy Shop


I've been meaning to make a shop for a while now but now there's no more, "oh, I'm gonna get around to that" or "yeah, I'll get to that sometime in the near future". I want to get on puttin' up an Etsy shop around the same time that I finish remaking my website so I can have a link on my new website that'll take you directly to my Etsy shop. I want to start selling prints of different sizes of my original art and maybe eventually sell original pieces too. I also think it'd be fun to make little buttons with drawings of my monsters on them too! I've mentioned this once before on Twitter, but I'm also going to start making jewelry like: necklaces, bracelets, and rings that with tabletop dice on 'em. I've always been interested in making Dungeons & Dragons inspired jewelry and I think it'd be a fun thing to make and sell to people :) So I've got a lot of little ideas of what to sell on my future Etsy shop that I'm excited to get up and running!


3.) Putting Out More Content/Time Management


This is what I want to work on the most really is putting out more content! Drawing makes me happy and keeps me in good spirits, so when I'm not drawing a lot I honestly don't feel very well D: and that's no good! Also, I wanna put out more drawings for others to enjoy because its a nice and fun thing seeing other people's work often (I know I enjoy it!). So I've worked up a little list that I am GOING to stick to once Niall moves in and things calm down over here:

- I am going to finish an original drawing every 2-4 days and it upload to my website, on Newgrounds, my Twitter, my Instagram, my Tumblr, and my Facebook page)

- I am going to put up a short 10 second video work in progress video up on my Instagram everyday (I will link the Instagram post on my Twitter also)

- I am going to put up a work in progress sketch  every day on both my Twitter and my Instagram

Admittedly I haven't had the best time management in the world with finishing commissions (especially recently with all the changes going on) but I want to change up my commissions a little bit so people feel more secure/safe when commissioning me! I will still ask for pay upfront before starting the commission but I will allow a full refund after a 2-3 week period if the commission is not finished (and IF the client wants a full refund after the 2-3 week period). I try my best to finish commissions in a timely manner, I can get very busy and it's tough and I try to email commission updates often BUT if it gets to a point where it's taking far too long I'd like to offer a refund.

I hope sticking to these goals will not only make me happier in general but will greatly improve my art! :)


4.) Make A Book/Stories/Webcomics


I've been interested in making either like a childrens' book, illustration book, or some kind of storybook for a long looong time now! Again though, I'm through with saying, "oh, I'll do it someday in the future" cause I wanna start doing this stuff NOW, as soon as possible honestly. Even if it's just baby steps for now I wanna start these projects. I've already started designing a monster who I want to be the main character of an illustration book that Niall is going to help me with :) So far I've been really enjoying deisgning this monster and it's been a new but exciting challenge to draw the same kind of monster over and over again. The first book I want to be JUST illustrations and no words just so I can get a feel for story telling just with images. I came across a comic recently about a little dinosaur called Gon who goes on adventures with different kinds of animals, I've read some of it and it's a real charming comic and really inspired me even more to make books a lot like this comic, Gon (which I recommend checking out sometime if you can find it!).


5.) Streaming Art/Collaborating With Other Artists


I'm combining these two because I feel that streaming art on Twitch helps connect me with other artists in a similar way that making collab drawings do! Niall gave me a tablet a little while ago so I can start learning/getting good at digital art which has been really cool so far and fun (still got a lot to learn though!). Having the tablet makes streaming digital art very easy and I'd like to start doing that as soon as possible, I'm pretty nervous about it because I don't really draw in front of a lot of people but I think it's a good skill to have (plus builds confidence!). I'll most likely start out with doing multi art streams with Niall and then other art friends too! When I have the money to spare I'm going to buy the stuff I need in order to stream traditional art as well which I'd really love to be doing right now because I feel more confident in my traditional drawing BUT again, this is all about confidence building and being more connected with people who dig my art :) I've always really enjoyed the watching others stream art and seeing their process and the connection it makes between them and other artists/fans and I'd just really love to do that too!

I definitely want to do some collab art with other people also! I've done this a little bit in the past but I was real young hahaha so I don't reeally count it! Recently the most I've done is have Niall make background paintings for the monsters I draw and I love how it looks :o Again I think it's another great way to improve my art and build better relationships with more artists and mostly have FUN!


Thank You!

Thank you to those of you who read all this! I know it was a heck of a lot of stuff to read D: but I felt that I needed to get all of this down in order to take the first step to really get all these things into motion in a big way. Again I seriously so so much appreciate all the support everyone has given me and the encouragement to keep drawing because it means the world to me! Thank you for sticking around with me through this busy time while I haven't been drawing as much as I'd like to. BUT I'm very excited to put all the ideas I've had bouncing around in my head out there now finally! Very pumped to stick to these goals :) thank you again!





Like I said earlier, Niall is making a BIG move across the country over here to California and that's some tough stuff! I care about him a whole heck of a lot, he's my very best friend and boyfriend and I want him to get here safely and feel good and secure financially for this move. Niall has opened up Emergency Commissions in order to help with the move and it'd be great if you could commission him! He's an amazin' artist who's very passionate about his drawings and is just always improving! If you'd like to commission him the money would seriously go a long way and help out a TON, and you'd get a beautiful piece of art just for you from Niall :) YAYY! If you can't afford to commission him and would like to donate what you can that always means the world to both Niall and I, but please don't feel like you have to! Just spreading the word about these commissions is extremely appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you so so much!

- Niall's Twitter

- Niall's email:

- Niall's Twitch


Thank you SO much from the both of us!! :)


You guys are theee best for all your support!




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