Pico Day!

2016-05-11 02:35:08 by ItsMacklin

I had a fantastic Pico Day!! I'm so happy I was able to make it :) big thank you again to those of you who helped me be able to afford to go! It was my first Pico Day and I definitely wanna go again next year. I loved meeting new artists and talking with all you guys and being able to meet my friends in person for the first time YAY! It was just a real welcoming and friendly environment :) @TomFulp you were an incredible host, thank you so much!


(thank you so much again Nikki for taking this picture of Niall and I at Pico Day, I love it!)

I wish I would have gotten the chance to meet and talk with more of you and didn't forgot my sketchbook at the office OOPS hahaha (and I wish I woulda been less shy/taken more pictures!) But again I had a wonderful time and thank you everyone for being so nice!

I'm excited for next year! :)


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2016-06-05 15:19:36

I was in the bathroom the whole time, chatting on Newgrounds.