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What's up slobbies? Hey, I'm Jackie and I love drawing monsters! Also, I love Godzilla & Goku a lot!

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Posted by ItsMacklin - April 19th, 2018

ForĀ  little while now I've been focusing on just practicing with quciker/looser sketches, rather than getting obsessed with small sketches and always turning them into finished pieces. I'm also practicing with color more, really just trying to get myself out of my comfort zone (slowly but surely lol). I know it's a bit of a mess (gotta filter through a lot of Buckethead posts) but if you're interested in seeing my practices sketches, you can find them on my: Twitter or my Instagram account! I've never been great at practicing and filling up a sketchbook, but it honestly feels great to be pushing myself to do these sketches. I feel that I've improved a lot and that makes me happy! I have a lot of bigger, finished art pieces in mind for the future, but I want to feel totally ready and more confident in my art skills before I tackle them. I've also got a big project with some friends in the works but that's a secret!!

WELL ANYWAY, I'm rambling now haha, but here's some sketches:



Posted by ItsMacklin - May 11th, 2016

I had a fantastic Pico Day!! I'm so happy I was able to make it :) big thank you again to those of you who helped me be able to afford to go! It was my first Pico Day and I definitely wanna go again next year. I loved meeting new artists and talking with all you guys and being able to meet my friends in person for the first time YAY! It was just a real welcoming and friendly environment :) @TomFulp you were an incredible host, thank you so much!


(thank you so much again Nikki for taking this picture of Niall and I at Pico Day, I love it!)

I wish I would have gotten the chance to meet and talk with more of you and didn't forgot my sketchbook at the office OOPS hahaha (and I wish I woulda been less shy/taken more pictures!) But again I had a wonderful time and thank you everyone for being so nice!

I'm excited for next year! :)